Zhang sheng ha ha smiled and said, you should know that I’m not from the western celestial world. I’m going back to the eastern celestial world after all, but it’s also very good to know friends like you.
Hughes also laughed. Actually, I should say this. Although I don’t know your position in the Eastern Fairy World, you should be a great fairy with the same magical power as Lord Odin.
Maybe. Zhang Sheng didn’t deny this.
Haha, you are very rude. Hughes laughed.
I always tell the truth.
At the rest house, they drank all day, and it was late that Zhang Sheng left Hughes’ house. His destination was Odin’s Golden Palace, and he was going to say goodbye to Odin, which may be the last time he saw Odin.
Odin seems to know that Zhang Sheng is going to find him, so he is waiting for him in the Golden Palace Palace.
Father, I’m coming. Zhang Sheng looked at the tall Odin and said lightly
Well, find a place to sit. Odin’s serious face shows a rare smile, and his eyes are calm with a hint of kindness.
Hehe, good Zhang Sheng sat on one side according to the words.
Odin sighed, Ozzie. I’m sorry I still call you that name.
Of course, Zhang Sheng laughed
Odin readily said, you can still come here to see me, which means that you are very grateful and I am very happy. Hehe, you must have said goodbye here today.
Zhang Sheng nodded somberly, and his father said to me that he was leaving.
Go back to the Eastern Fairyland? Odin asked.
Zhang Sheng shrugged his shoulders and laughed. Hehe, after all, I am an immortal in the Oriental Fairyland, and there is no way to change the fact.
Yes, you don’t belong here. I can’t imagine too much Odin sighing for a long time, but he was shocked. He could hear Odin’s voice, and Zhang Sheng knew that Odin really took himself seriously. Now this son is leaving him. Odin’s heart is very sad
Zhang Sheng suddenly got up and kowtowed on his knees and said, I won’t forget my father.
When Zhang Sheng knelt down, Odin quickly wiped the tears from his eyes, then laughed and said, what is this? Hehe, I have become sentimental. It seems that time really makes people old.
Zhang Sheng couldn’t help laughing when he heard the smell. Why did my father say that? I think the father of the western celestial world is still a handsome boy.
It’s handsome uncle, isn’t it? Haha, Odin’s laughter seems to have dispelled the pain of parting.
After chatting for a while, Zhang Sheng changed the topic to the celestial world. Father, I think you need to guard against Yahua, a very cunning man and a formidable enemy.
Odin’s eyes showed a hint of contempt. He waved his hand and said that this man is not enough to harm me. Although Yahua is good at playing tricks, he is not my opponent. His every move is under my control.
Er, Zhang Sheng is one leng.
Odin winked and smiled. One of the four great days was my spy.
Ah, Zhang Sheng suddenly became petrified.
Odin seems to be very satisfied with this effect, saying, don’t want your father. I am a developed generation. He is still far from trying to fight me.
Zhang Sheng can’t help but re-examine his father. Indeed, he knows too little about his father. The immortals who can become the overlord of the western celestial world are obviously not easy to provoke. From Odin’s strong confidence just now, it can be seen that Odin is second only to Zeus and Yahua seems to be a trivial chess in his eyes.
Zhang Sheng laughed. Hehe, I really look down on my father.
Odin said, if you want to know one thing, you can reach our level. Everyone is not good at generations. If you despise someone, you will definitely suffer a big loss.