For a moment, the sky suddenly became dark and faded, and the stars slowly emerged from it. The twinkling star awn fell on the summoning force, and the sky collapsed into the interstellar shifting array.
This star-shaped light beam is connected with the ancient myth that the road to heaven is generally cultivated and set foot in it, and you can get the power of heaven to lead the day to soar and achieve the immortal road from now on.
On the vast continent, Dahua Wang Chao Shui Jiang City reversed the yin and yang, and the stars appeared in the daytime and fell in the sky.
Meng Fu witnessed the scene in front of him, and the cultivation was completely dull until he regained consciousness. This is the madness and fiery color on his face. This is Meng Fei’s holy Lord, Wei Neng, who can reverse the yin and yang and detain the stars on Sunday. This means has exceeded their cognitive limit
Meng Fu’s cultivation at this moment firmly believes that under the guidance of the Lord, they are bound to become the world’s strongest cultivation force, which can be stopped.
It is in this instant that the star beam falls and the large array of stars moves suddenly, and there is a broad breath of eternal vicissitudes. It was only in this ancient time that the large array finally came to the world again.
Gold pieces of mysterious runes with the size of more than ten feet rise from the array and slowly float around the stars, emitting faint and obscure fluctuations.
Array arrangement completed
Meng Fei heart slightly loose at the moment to take a step back and blue haze night immediately two people looked calm and looked at the interstellar move large array of robe skirt was air billow impact grinned.
The practice in the surrounding Mengfu has long been unbearable. This array emits breath and deterrence. At this moment, they are retreating thousands of feet away, and they barely decide that even if life and death are very close, the practice of ashes will be close to thousands of feet.
Suddenly, in the eyes of the stars, the large array of stars was suddenly distorted, and then a burly figure appeared in it.
At the moment, my eyes suddenly open, but it is still difficult to hide their eyes. The expression in my eyes is vast and majestic, and the breath of coercion suddenly erupts from other bodies, and the world seems to be trampled by him.
The bearer is the peerless monster King Jin Jiao.
Ha ha, younger sister, sixth brother, you two are extremely fast. It’s only a few days ago that you had already started the Star Trek Array, and the figure of King Jin Jiao fell on Meng Fei’s side directly across the flashes.
Just as he left, the instantaneous array of stars distorted the figure of Yanbo guest again, and then the light flashed and smiled and stepped.
Since then, Zu Qianqiu, the owner of the black-and-white hidden temple, Yan Hong Honglie and two people have been sent by law. Six people gathered together in Tianluo’s spiritual mother city, but today they have crossed over to the Mencius House of Dahua Dynasty.
Your brothers, here is the younger brother. The family strength is weak, but it makes you laugh. Meng Fei gave a hand to four people in the previous step.
Smoke wave guest Zu Qianqiu Yan Hong Honglie three people smell speech chuckle did not answer that Jin Jiao Wang is a bigger point, and the sixth brother said that you are really weak in Meng Fu, and an abnormal mid-term practice is greatly inconsistent with your identity.
Hey, hey, but don’t worry, Brother Liu, since this time the eldest brother has come, he will take a time to merge your demon clan in the science of uniting the world and catch the six monster departments to serve as a facade, so it will be barely passable.
Meng Fei smell speech wry smile but know Jin Jiao king is so close to people in the heart and malicious but not angry.
It’s the blue haze night smell speech Qiao face indifferent light way eldest brother want to help six younger brother catch some guarding monster but it’s not a problem, but the eye is more important things need you and me to deal with when this blue haze night will come to Meng Fei after all things come.
The six brothers and sisters are you and me, and the six brothers’ family is you and me, but they were almost taken away by someone. It is conceivable that if we can’t get this back, it will be different from being slapped in the face.
Six brothers humiliated is you, my brother, and six people humiliated this matter. We should deal with your brother’s decision. Later, the monster beast emperor beauty has become Shaqi Teng. Chapter seven hundred and twenty-seven Four directions move.
Floating mainland Han empire
Inside the hall, the emperor’s face is pale, sensing the breath that comes directly from the sea. I hope that the other party will never come at his big fellow empire, otherwise.
No, absolutely not. I’m afraid one of them can completely slaughter my big fellow empire and think about this emperor before he feels a little safe.
Thousands of breath flashed from the big fellow empire and fractured without causing casualties.
At this moment, the emperor in the hall suddenly changed his face, and his eyes were full of shock, because one of them made him feel a little familiar in this thousand-way breath across the blink.
Could it be that he broke out with more than a thousand mighty threats to stir up a sudden change in the situation of the science of uniting, and that all dark clouds roared with condensation and evil winds, and the knife was straight to tear up thousands of creatures?
Fierce, cold, and murderous, it seems that this world is going to be chopped into pieces, like a vast sea of stars, which is instantly condensed by coercion, and along the way, it is smashed into a dark background and the unstable atmosphere is hidden from it.
If it weren’t for more than 100 Meng Fei, a great energy in the late stage of abnormal condition, relying on the stability of physical cultivation, this momentum alone would have caused the practice world to collapse completely
A line of uniting Meng Fei’s first face was cold and cold.
At the same time, the number of uniting circles has been completely shocked by this sudden outbreak.
First, Yin and Yang reversed the day, then the stars appeared in the sky, and then the stars fell in the sky. After that, the breath broke out one after another, which made several people practice a nerve-racking, pale face, and their pupils shrank sharply in the direction of Dahua Dynasty.
Dahua dynasty area has always had a low level of cultivation, but this time it has become the most eye-catching place in the cultivation field.
Especially at the moment, it’s even more desperate that a majestic trend of coercion condenses.
As time goes by, this trend is getting stronger and stronger. Anyone who sets foot on the avenue to practice at this moment can clearly feel that Sunday’s spiritual power suddenly becomes violent, and with that raging ocean, it will set off all kinds of waves, not to mention ordinary practice, even if the realm of life and death is cultivated, it will be possible to absorb any spiritual power from the outside world.
At the moment, in the number of cultivation induction, that one exudes a sharp and murderous smell, and an amazing speed cuts through the virtual speed, and it is overbearing and peerless. It crosses the ocean and crosses the continent, and the heinous murder breaks out from it.
The blade refers to the sea.
Huangji family