Listening to the murmur of the daughters, Zhang Shengyuan knows that although it is an excellent barbecue site, it is also a place of money. The Qishan Hotel is a famous vanishing place in Hejing, and Zhang Sheng has also heard about it. Of course, these Zhang Sheng are not going to tell Zou that they are here to eat barbecue and leave after eating. Except for a little money, Zhang Sheng is very satisfied with it.
Every barbecue place is clean and good barbecue tools. All kinds of fresh meat have just been squeezed and fresh juice is blowing slowly, which makes people feel very comfortable.
Eldest brother eats chicken wings. Li Haixin hands Zhang Sheng a freshly baked chicken wing.
Yeah, Hao Hao just filled Zou’s mouth with grilled steak for him, and Zhang Sheng quickly took over Li Haixin’s loving chicken wings.
When people are having fun here, they don’t know that they have been taken a fancy to by the owners of Qishan Barbecue Park.
Eldest brother is having a barbecue on platform seven. How many women are all extremely? Do you think we should start a very luxurious office? A man smoking a cigar and thick lines said to the man sitting on the sofa in front.
Oh, let me see the picture. The man sitting on the sofa helped his eyes and drank the crystal glass of red wine in his hand. He smiled and said.
This is a middle-aged man with gentle appearance, dressed in a very luxurious suit, meticulous western hair and a small ring on his right finger, with a faint smile and fine eyes.
The man let go of the cup and took the photo handed by the opposite Han. He glanced slightly at his face and smiled more brightly. Did you investigate their background?
Not yet. I just took a candid photo and showed it to my eldest brother.
The man nodded with a smile. You should investigate their origin. Don’t offend those senior officials in Hejing. If the background is not deep, let them work here.
It’s big brother. I’ll check their background
Yeah, good. You go ahead. The man waved lightly and said
Well, by the way, eldest brother, how many cigars do you have? Mom smokes very well. I want to smoke more cigars. Han got up and was just about to walk through the door and turned to say
The man waved his hand and laughed. Get out of here. This cigar world doesn’t produce much a year. I want to keep a few more.
Today, I had a good meal. After two hours, the sky gradually darkened, and Zhang Sheng and others were ready to leave the night. Qishan barbecue park did not belong to Zhang Sheng and them.
Zhang Sheng and others were just about to go to Qishan amusement park when they were stopped by several security guards.
Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, you can’t leave yet, said a security guard politely.
What Zhang Sheng frowned light asked.
Everyone can’t help sighing. Can you eat a barbecue and eat a storm? Fortunately, everyone is used to trouble. Everyone looks at Zhang Sheng and them with a look of "meaning".
We suspect that you stole our tableware, and now you must come back with us to help us investigate. The security guard spoke as if they were real policemen.
Zhang Sheng smiled and found fault. Isn’t it such a bad reason to steal tableware and fart? We even bought tens of thousands of yuan for a ticket and still care about your broken tableware.
These security guards were ordered not to let these people leave, but they didn’t make people leave in a hurry, and they were so ridiculous and generous, but these security guards were all used to it. Today, they were laughed at by a young man, and they all looked fierce and surrounded Zhang Sheng.
Let’s go with them and see what the backstage boss of this Qishan barbecue garden wants to do to raise the voice for everyone.
All right, we’ll come with you, but let’s say no touching, pretending not to like it, raising our hands and saying
A group of people were left in a fairly clean house. The security guard locked the door from the outside and left after death. They were not worried that Zhang Sheng would escape.
Zhang Sheng motioned for everyone not to see Zhang Sheng. A small monitor saw the monitor in the corner of the roof. Zhang Sheng suddenly had an idea to give everyone a sound with a smile. Although everyone was not mortal, they were also very fun. After listening to Zhang Sheng’s words, everyone held back their laughter and performed a scene.
Eldest brother can be sure that these people are not high-ranking officials and brothers in Hejing, and Gao Dahan said to the man who was having dinner.
Middle-aged man took a sip of red wine napkin, wiped his mouth and said with a smile, so did the specific identity check come?