Yi Yu squeezed a thigh of tender meat and the pain forced him out of the seductive dance "what a demon flame!" " Wiped her head cold sweat couldn’t help thinking to herself, "Is it true that there is a good dancer imprisoned inside? !”
For this strange place everywhere, Yi Yu had to add 10,000 pieces of care to slowly approach the flame. Although beautiful, beautiful things are often more dangerous. She took out a certain gold ingot and threw it gently in the past. As the saying goes, real gold is not afraid of fire. Although this doesn’t work in the field of repair, it is more than enough to try the flame temperature. But I didn’t think that the gold ingot had not yet entered the center of the flame, and it turned into a light smoke. The flame seemed to be disturbed and suddenly became chaotic.
It’s easy to know that the abnormal flame with high temperature is a thing, but it’s hard for him to think twice about it. After seeing the gold ingot turned to ash, the flame did not return to its original state, but it was biased towards Yi Yu’s beating flame like a demon’s long arm.
It’s easy to know that this flame is extraordinary. If it’s not handled properly, it will be buried here. Taiyi Wuyiluo belongs to Ebony Fire. Ke Yiyu dare not take risks with it. At this time, the most tenacious magic weapon in his hand is probably Jian Qin. This sword belongs to Wu soil, representing Ren Huang Jian. I believe it should not be a problem to resist this fire.
Yi Yu carried out the sword and pointed it toward the flame. He could clearly feel that Jian Qin was the only one who actually trembled. The wailing of the ghosts and ghosts in the sword filled the whole Yi Yu. She knew that the flame was fierce and could not be a hard enemy. This fashion does not need to be desperately afraid of hurting the sword and withdraw from the route.
It’s easy to speed up, but the flame is faster. Nai has turned around and ordered another sword so repeatedly. When he came to leave that sword mark, Yi Yu was already in a state of long hair and ruined robes. The fire was also blamed for being indignant like a human being. Nai retreated.
Looking at the fading horror flame, Yi Yu leaned against the wall panting, but now that he has come in and gone out in such a mess, it’s not natural that his character is just right after a short rest, and he can barely cover his body and robes and go to the other side of the channel.
Back to the sixty-third LeiJie skyfire
However, Yi Yu walked carefully to the other side of the passage, which seemed to be a symmetrical building. After about four or five hundred feet, an equally tall hall appeared in front of him. This side is also somewhat different from the flame hall just now. Perhaps because the flame is too bright, there is a bleak dome here, but some western Gothic roofs are not big, but people feel deep. If the universe is still a little glittering and translucent, the stars are still a little peaceful and serene in the autumn, but the fly in the ointment is that this beautiful roof was smashed by that prodigal thing, which ruined the overall beauty.
In the center of the hall stands a two-meter square stone table, which is full of unknown symbols. The basic figure of the six-pointed star is more like the western style, and this stone table also stands a beautiful flame, which is not as good as the rare stone table over there, which seems to be imprisoned, smooth, clever and burning quietly.
But at this time, this beautiful flame can’t attract Yi Yu’s attention. The flame shines on the whole palace. If it is bright from zhaohui, nothing will show its shape. In that equally bright corner, Yi Yu should be a woman’s figure. She should be as long as silks and satins, curled up on the ground, but she can’t see her face as pink as a baby’s skin. When she is exposed to the air, she can’t see her eyes. Like that exaggerated chest, hips and disproportionate waist, Yi Yu is enough to make a man beast. At this time, I hope she is not the kind of goddess
Gently lifted the naked woman’s head. Yi Yu was shocked at first glance. She was beautiful! Yi Yu is used to the beauty of Qi Lingyun and Zi Xin’s daughters. At this time, she can still give this evaluation, saying that she is really beautiful, but this beauty is not enough to shock Yi Yu because she is too much like a person.
Yi Yu dragged the female bus with one hand and said to herself, "Does Xu Feiniang have a daughter?" It was not the beauty of this woman that surprised Yi Yu. To his surprise, this woman looks too much like a wonderful fairy Xu Feiniang. That nose and mouth are simply carved out of a mold. This woman is younger and 16 or 17 years old, but she is only one or two years older than Yi Yu. However, although her face is slightly astringent, her bumpy figure is absolutely genuine.
I don’t know when Yi Yu’s thief hand has touched the girl’s breasts, but she can still feel her heart beating strongly through two thick meat balls. But that soft feeling makes Yi Yu more like magic, changing all kinds of shapes and returning to the original shape immediately after letting go. On how Yi Yu fiddles with this woman, she occasionally makes a few seductive moans, but she just doesn’t wake up as peacefully as she falls asleep.
Speaking of this woman, she is really a fairy-fairy, Xu Feiniang. I talked about how bad Xu Feiniang was when she left Qingluo Mountain and fled in haste. At that time, I saw Xu Fei Niang escape but didn’t chase Xu Fei Niang. He was stopped by the dragon honour person and relaxed his vigilance. In fact, Ling Hun secretly used his hands and feet, but Xu Fei Niang also made mistakes in his busy life but didn’t know it.
It is said that all things in the world have their own laws, which are inevitable and accidental. This remote mountain rescue was originally an ancient fairy who put forward the five elements of positive and negative lotus robbery method. At that time, the monk was also surprised and brilliant. His merits were not enough to be afraid of thunder and disaster, so he put this array. The method of stealing the day and changing the day will ban all Lei Yun from heaven and hide it from the sky, thus successfully soaring to the virtual celestial world, but he left this bound sky and thunder array.
On that day, Xu Fei Niang suddenly lost her mind in the middle of the injury, and the flying sword fell to the ground with high impact. If Xu Fei Niang had been practicing for many years, she was a demigod and had a magic weapon to protect herself automatically. Even if she had already lost her life, it was really poisonous. It was really damaging to let a famous monk fall dead alive when it was accurate!
But I don’t want Xu Fei Niang to fall into the eyes of the five elements of positive and negative lotus flowers. Who can stand the test of thousands of years? It is this that can lock the large array of lightning and become fragile in the face of love years. As soon as Xu Fei Niang smashed the eyes and fell into the array, the lightning that spread out in the large array was very strong, but the two animals were mistaken for the genius treasure. Just before the birth, there was a battle that attracted the monks of Fiona Fang.
Xu Fei Niang was lucky that she didn’t fall there, otherwise she was swallowed up by the violent thunder fire, and even a bone was left. These two thunder fires are homologous. The altar there collapsed nearly a thousand years ago, and the thunder fire here has been consumed by the large array of seal forces, which is not as serious as that flame.
Besides, Xu Fei Niang smashed the eye of the array and fell directly into the thunder fire. This innate thunder fire is said to be the virtual celestial fairy’s practice of refining the magic fire, which is more advanced than the samadhi real fire. Moreover, the fairy soared to refine the immortal’s treasure fire, and the principle of lotus-like robbery array is to add fire protection when the violent thunder fire was transformed into the refining device. To put it bluntly, these five elements of positive and negative lotus-like robbery array are a furnace that has been refined for thousands of years. Now, when Xu Fei Niang fell into the fire, it was started, but I don’t know it.
It’s wonderful to see that Xu Fei Niang’s magic weapon of instant clothes is regarded as impurities after falling into the fire, but it’s amazing that people are burned to death. In the past two days, she has seen that her skin is more glittering and translucent, and her face is faintly radiant with treasure light, while her body has been deposited for a hundred years, and the impurities of old injuries have also been refined. In the past one or three days, this mature belle has recovered her pure appearance when she was sixteen or seventeen years old. These days, Xu Fei Niang is full of lethargy, but I don’t know her own changes. If not, I think that thunder and fire are addicted to
Said that Yi Yu held Xiao Fei Niang shamefully for a long time but still didn’t wake up. I don’t know it’s Yi Yu, but I don’t know that Xiao Fei Niang is refining the Yuan God at this time. Although she can’t say anything, she can feel everything outside. Although she remembers but wants to see a movie, it’s usually someone else’s business. At this time, she knows that there is a bad sex maniac who takes advantage of someone’s danger to get out of trouble. If it is necessary to beat him to beg for mercy, this vicious woman’s mind has also changed. If former Xu Fei Niang Yi Yu is so kind to
After all, this place is not a romantic place, and Yi Yu is not the kind of guy who forgets to get down to business. He looks at the peaceful burning thunder fire and wants to have a try. It’s hard to find such a fire. If you can collect some, you must practice the five elements of qi and anger. It’s not far away. How can you be indifferent to whether it’s good to refine treasure or defend the enemy in the future?
Yi Yu once again took out a certain gold ingot and tried it. After the flame was thrown out of the ingot, he quickly picked it up and threw it in a coma. Xiao Fei Niang was ready to escape. It was this thunder fire, but it was not as fierce as just now. Although it was also an instant ingot, it was not pursued by Yi Yu, and it was not so humanized. Yi Yu muttered in his heart. Isn’t it that the flame over there has not been suppressed for a long time and has become quiet?
A little rest assured to put Xiao Fei Niang. Since she wants to collect this innate thunder fire, it is definitely not possible to grasp it directly. She also has to excuse me to set Jian Qin Yi Yu to hold the sword in her hand and gently leap to the top of the flame and swing a sword as big as a bean. That’s what Mars is like. He also dare not relax and get up and get ready for it.
The thunder fire rolled down Ding Jian Qin and Yi Yu shouted that he almost lost his sword. The pain came from his hand. He hasn’t been so painful for a long time, even if he was injured in a fight, it’s not as painful as this terrible pain. In a daze, the flame has disappeared. It’s easy to know that it has entered his own body and attacked the heart door along his arm. Hurriedly destroy the real yuan and push it back to his fingertips. Although the energy level of the flame is very high, after all, the amount is too small, it is easy to mobilize the yuan god to communicate with the thunder fire and appease it, but the process is extremely dangerous. Danger and pain, a careless damage to the Yuan God’s practice is even more disadvantageous. It took Yi Yu a full hour to incorporate this bean-sized flame into his body and become his own energy.
Yi Yu wiped her forehead and sweated a hand. It was gratifying to see a little thunder fire beating at her fingertips. It was much easier to get it. I had the guts to cut the flame a little bit to collect it. That is, Yi Yu had this Qin sword. If others did not have a magic weapon to divide the thunder fire, it would be difficult to collect it. Even if it was forced, it would be thunderous.
Yi Yu brought the last ray of thunder into the body, and it was hanging in the purple mansion when you were done. The thunder seemed to be alive and suddenly exploded out of Yi Yu’s skin and wrapped him in it. Although things suddenly got a fright, there was no pain. The thunder slowly converged and finally returned to the purple mansion. The burning energy was huge and peaceful, and Yi Yu’s body was constantly moist. Although it is still difficult to control it now, I am afraid that I can’t afford to build a house. I believe that Yi Yu will be able to control this thunder disaster soon with intensive training.
Just as Yi Yu was happy with her achievements, she was shocked and born …
Back to the sixty-fourth blue marrow soul jade
Just as Yi Yu was delighted, he suddenly felt that the evil wind behind him was not good. Before he got to the trick, he felt an unbearable heat and glanced at it. Xiao Fei Niang Yi Yu was still in that corner. Can anyone else enter this ancient array? I don’t want to fly forward with my feet, but the man is like a shadow, and his accompanying degree is not easy to jade.
I feel that the enemy is good, Yi Yu dare not neglect the five elements of true qi, and I am struggling to swing it out. Jian Qin also doesn’t look back. With the breath of a sword, his left hand flies out at the same time, and he has to push the enemy back. But he can’t think that the sneak attacker didn’t hide from it, and he was forced to suffer a sword and dozens of Geng Jin firm but gentle will also hurt him.
Heard a "bang" Yi Yu’s attack, all of which hit the back and flashed a golden light. At the same time, Yi Yu also felt a hot flame passing through the vest and approaching the purple mansion’s abdomen. The flame energy and temperature were extremely high. Even if the body was tough and abnormal, the meridians near Yi Yu were all destroyed. In an instant, Yi Yu’s face was as golden as paper, and he couldn’t help but spit out one mouthful blood and suffered a light injury. He was born to sneak up on others and he hasn’t eaten such a big loss! Besides, I was beaten and vomited blood before I saw what my opponent looked like.
The powerful impact was flying out, and Yi Yu crashed into the wall. It was like a mural. Although it was injured, it was easy to have to struggle to pull out the body. The figure flashed into the corner of this hall, but I couldn’t help but spit another mouthful of blood. It happened that Xiao Fei Niang was still sleeping here. She was white and covered in blood, but she was busy with the enemy. It was easy to ignore that little blood actually entered her body along Xiao Fei Niang’s skin.
Yi Yu quickly swallowed a handful of pills and raised his eyes to watch who was so despicable to sneak up on himself. At the same time, his purple mansion, which had just received lightning, suddenly soared and did not control the flying out of the abdomen to meet the invading flame. In the past, the invading flame was swallowed up and the damaged body was quickly repaired.
At this time, Yi Yu just saw what attacked him. There was a tall flame at the entrance of the passage. I didn’t know that I had just seen the flame in the hall over there. I was so human that I looked at Yi Yu and it seemed that the sword had just hurt it. Be careful and alert.
Even when the two sides confronted each other, Yi Yu could clearly see that the flame was decreasing. I remember that when I first saw this flame, it was more than three feet high, and now it is less than three feet, and the blue inside is dancing like a beauty, and the flame heart is becoming more and more clear.
Two people so confrontation with Xiao Fei Niang is still in a lethargy Yi Yu looked at the flame is still shrinking, of course, this is not to say that the flame is weakening, she is constantly converging the energy, and the central humanoid Lan Huo can already see clearly at this time, so he is a villain and a blue enchanting female facial features, and his body proportion is absolutely perfect, but he is smaller than one size, with a size of less than three feet.
Finally, the little beauty inhaled the last flame and looked at Yi Yu with cold light. After a while, the little beauty didn’t speak and began to work again. As she moved the smaller one, it was a perfect chest with a slight quiver to see her seriously. Maybe she didn’t know that she had lost her spring scenery.
Although the attack didn’t see a trace of anger, Yi Yu could feel more dangerous. Qin Jian made a horizontal cut to the tender little hand of the little beauty. She didn’t avoid blinking and met her sword, but she made a clear sound. Although the little beauty had a face of pain, she didn’t see her hand hurt.
Although it hurts, two pains seem to make the little beauty too scared to attack rashly again and ask carefully, "Who are you?" What can enter the Five Elements Lotus Array? " The little beauty finally spoke with a crisp voice and a strong child’s voice. It was very nice, but she didn’t speak very neatly.
Yi Yu’s heart andao "Maybe I feel that I can’t win, so cunning little thing" looked at this. Just now, I finally introduced the last flame into the perfect curve of the little beauty. Even in the dark, my white skin was still shining. The little pink in my chest was about the size of a grain of rice. Maybe this little beauty was looked at by a man like this, but she didn’t know she was like this.
Try to slow down the language Yi Yu gently said, "My name is Yi Yu. Nice to meet you. Who are you?"? I mean no harm. I didn’t even fight back when you bullied me just now. I am a good man and won’t hurt you. "
The little beauty hesitated for a moment and said, "My name is … Shen Wei." This time, Yi Yu heard that she didn’t seem to be used to the body talking now.
"apply for scale?" Yi Yu thoughtfully for half an hour. The name seems familiar to him. He suddenly remembered that Master Lian Shan, the uncle with long eyebrows, had a younger brother named Deng Yin, and he had a lover named Shen Dirt. Later, Deng Yin’s practice of Blood Nerve was returned to the magic road, so he didn’t want her. That’s a stunning woman! Is this the person?
""Dirt here is your home? Don’t be afraid of me. I remember that there is a famous female fairy in Kunlun Sect, also called Shen Dirt, who is easy to take it easy, but she is ready in private. Taiyi Wuyan Luo is ready to cover this female in it at any time.
Shen Guan saw Yi Yu put away his sword and said, "You said it was good. I am Shen Guan in Xiaodong Mountain, but I don’t know the age outside?"
It’s easy to laugh. "In this case, I’m not an outsider. Qing Cheng Zhu Mei Men Yi Yu met his granduncle, but I didn’t know that granduncle was trapped here?"
That "Shen Scaling" is really not an outsider. That Zhu Mei, she has seen, is a crystal disciple of Senior Brother Deng Yin. At that time, she felt that this was a bit cunning, but she didn’t know that nowadays, such as Shen Scaling sighed, "I can’t believe that little Zhu Mei actually has an apprentice! In those days, Deng Yin threw me into the magic teaching of safflower, and I tried to persuade him to turn over a new leaf, but I didn’t want the siren safflower to be ready. I was so desperate that I fled here and met my predecessors’ abode of fairies and immortals, but I was accidentally involved in it by the thunder fire. If I hadn’t brought a piece of soul jade with me, I’m afraid it would have been past me by now. "
Yi Yu also followed a sigh and a face of righteousness. "I can’t believe that it was so really an act of God. I can’t believe that granduncle has suffered such a catastrophe." At this time, Yi Yucai is closer. Now this "scale" is not a real person. It is a fusion of Yuan Shen and this thunder fire. Although the body looks like a human being, she is no longer a person, but has become a fire spirit similar to Tang Wan.
"This time, I would like to thank you. If you hadn’t broken the thunder and fire here, I would have completely ruined the law of the five elements. Otherwise, I still don’t know the year and month before I can see the light of day."
Yi Yu laughed. "In that case, granduncle meets me quickly and goes out with me. It’s better to meet an old friend or celebrate." Yi Yu carefully observed Shen Wei’s face when he spoke. Now when he said that he was going out, this little beauty seemed to be having a fierce psychological struggle.
"I can’t go out at this time," Shen Guan reluctantly smiled.
Look at Yi Yu’s eagerness. Some people don’t "… you and I have some affection, but after all, we still need to swear to God that we can give you this life."
Yi Yu laughed. "Granduncle Shi is considerate. I swear to God that if I have bad intentions towards granduncle Shi and harm her life, I will die a natural death." Although my mouth is sweet, Yi Yu’s heart is not serious. When I become immortal, I will live forever and die a natural death!
In fact, it is also a peace of mind to ask Yi Yu to swear. One person has arrived here for hundreds of years. At this time, one person still has some kinship, that is, Yi Yu insists on not swearing. What can she do? Tao: "So I said that my Yuan God and this skyfire merged to fight against that piece of blue marrow soul jade. This jade is a soul-heavy creature after Qin Huang Ying Zheng was possessed, but it was destroyed by the magic statue Xiang Yu into three pieces. I can only keep my soul knowledge with this treasure. If I want to go out now, I have to take it with me …" After hesitating, I finally said it, and she could pray that Yi Yu is a man of integrity and not to take advantage of the enemy’s danger. "That piece of blue marrow soul jade is my treasure of Yuan God, but at this time I am a spirit body touching the emperor’s spirit again
Yi Yu was pleasantly surprised when she heard it. Isn’t this a good thing for nothing? ! Sorry! Uncle Deng Yin, your wife is mine! It was his dirty face in his heart that was dignified and abnormal. "In that case, my brother must protect the soul jade from those hooligans."
"Dirt heart way" what hooligans afraid afraid you spy! Just now, I saw you playing with that little girl with a smirk on her face. It’s definitely not a good thing, but it’s the same smell as that little short Zhu Mei. "If you can say this," Thank you so much. "
Just as this is about to get out of trouble, the happy little beauty Shen Dirt’s face suddenly froze but she didn’t know something was wrong, making her look like she had eaten flies.
Back to the sixty-fifth Xiao Fei Niang is my school sister
Suddenly, Shen Wei’s face froze. I just thought of Yi Yu playing with that girl before I remembered that I looked down and saw that I was naked. It was even more embarrassing to talk to people like this. In fact, it’s no wonder that she just succeeded in taxiing and was not familiar with this body until someone came just now, fearing that it would be late and people would leave again, and then she was desperate to find it
I want to ban Yi Yu’s system first, and then force him to bring himself back to Xiaodong Mountain. When I met my two sisters, everything would be easy, and then it would be not too late to compensate for saving my life. But she didn’t think Yi Yu’s skill was extraordinary and there was a magic weapon in hand. It was only then that she delayed until now that she was still naked. She wanted to conjure up a Luo shirt and a light skirt, but she was not familiar with this energy. The magic method was barely covered with a red gauze, but it was even more attractive in spring.
Yi Yuse looks at the little girl in a hurry, but her heart is a little in spirit. On the contrary, the waves are rough and it is difficult to calm down. He still doesn’t believe in the words of applying for dirt. At least he doesn’t believe in the world. No one will pin his life on others’ noble morality or swear to heaven that there must be a cause for success. But what can make her feel at ease and give her the jade that she has placed in Yuan?
I can take it one step at a time when I’m puzzled. Yi Yu’s mind turns around and carefully pulls Xiao Fei Niang up. I can’t leave her here alone. It’s forbidden here. There are still many monks who feel cheated if anyone comes to see him. Besides, Xiao Fei Niang and Yi Yu try to make a loving and careful look, take off their robes and carefully hold them up for Xiao Fei Niang’s cover, just like holding a treasure in their hands.
"Who is she?" Shen asked. What’s wrong? "
Yi Yu smell speech face a red is very pure way "this … this is my school sister is school sister ha ha! She also fell into the thunder fire like you, and she didn’t get hurt. I don’t know if she didn’t wake up. I just tried my best … "The melancholy sigh seemed to touch the little beauty.
"Scale a wrinkly eyebrow way" you and let me see "will see her groping for half a day in small fly niang body shook his head and said no.
Yi Yudao: "Martial granduncle, let’s go and look at your affairs first, and then go out to treat school sister quickly." Shen Dirt heard the words and nodded gently, but I didn’t know that there was a smile on the corners of his mouth.