But Song Qingdan was sent away, and so many people are still waiting for him to see a doctor. What will they do?
Fu Chen looked embarrassed and sent a crowd of tens of meters. Alas, although I feel ashamed to jump the queue, I am sorry for my father’s life today, so I will jump the queue and be a bad guy once.
Thought of here, Fu Chen turned his heart to a posture and put it on.
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Chapter one hundred and seven Old disrespectful old pervert
Chapter one hundred and seven Old disrespectful old pervert
Fu Chen swam like a fish and shuttled back and forth in the queue to see a doctor. In less than a moment, he came to the handsome little man and asked for questions, but he heard a commotion from the crowd behind him. Remember www for a second to read your wonderful novels.
Hey, everyone in front is waiting in line. Why did you cut in line? What shall we do? I heard a young man shout
Yeah, yeah, everyone’s lining up. You don’t have quality yet
Come here quickly, junior, or we will ask you to come.
What do people look like after passing through the imperial clan?
Mo Anqing is gifted in medicine because of the physical method of cultivating Qi. He especially worships being able to cultivate Qi. In Jiafuchen, he is about the same age, and everyone in Zhongyuan City is discussing whether Fu Jia and Fu Chen defeated the flowering period. Mo Anqing will not be excited until he knows that this ordinary-looking young man is his idol worship.
Fu Chen secretly funny young man, of course, he knows that men are full of blood at this time. I wonder if Mr. Song is in the house with a smile.
Mo Anqing Ma stepped forward and knocked on the door. After waiting for a while, he saw no response. After pushing the door, no one laughed. His old man’s house should be in the alchemy room, and then his face turned ugly.
Fu Chen immediately understood that Song Qingdan, a wonderful doctor, should be smiling in the secret room. I’m waiting outside the door. Don’t worry, little brother, inform the family teacher quickly and tell him that my father is seriously ill.
MoAnqing heavy nod dignified way rest assured
Say that finish Mo Anqing went into Song Qingdan’s room alone.
Fu Chen went to the door and waited anxiously outside, praying in his heart that his father’s injury would be okay, but he remembered that the recurrence period of his father’s illness had gradually shortened in the past three years, and this time it was even more serious to make Song Qingdan’s pro-horse situation very pessimistic, which made him hate Li Gang deeper.
Just as Fu Chen was walking back and forth outside the door, he was sensitive to hearing. He heard the footsteps moving rapidly in the room and his heart finally came.
Fu Chen strode to meet him and took the lead in walking at the door at this moment. An old man looked at his age, Fu Haotian, and his face was almost a bit dignified.
Mr. Song, Xiao Fuchen took the liberty to disturb and forgive Fu Chen for bowing down.
Fu Chen knows whether his father’s illness can be cured in Song Qingdan, and even the professional information of refining pharmacists in Biyuan mainland is in him.
Another reason why Fu Chen respects him is that he has confirmed that Song Qingdan is indeed a genuine refined pharmacist who has been in Biyuan mainland for nearly half a year. This is the first time that he has seen refined pharmacists, which shows how rare refined pharmacists are in this continent.
When Song Qingdan saw Fu Chen’s face, a look of disbelief appeared. Fu Chen was injured by his own diagnosis. He couldn’t act for ten and a half days, but how could he come to his doorstep?
Looking at a child at Fu Chen, we are talking about life as we walk. You should tell me your father’s symptoms.
Fu Chen really wanted to fly to Fu’s home with Song Qingdan at the moment, and he didn’t stop to urge the true qi to rush home. He was just about to describe the symptoms of Fu Junzhan to Song Qingdan, and the scene immediately stunned him.
Song Qingdan’s personal flight against the wind is very natural and unrestrained, and he looks very beautiful. He smiles and stares at Fu Chen’s expression, which is like a pervert seeing a girl hungry and seeing a Manchu banquet.
Fu Chen got a cold war. What’s the sharp look in this old guy’s eyes? Look at my hair. This old disrespectful old guy, what does he want to do to me?
Song Qingdan saw Fu Chen’s speed was too slow, grabbed Fu Chen’s right hand and directly regarded Fu Chen’s resistance and flew towards Fu’s family.
Chapter one hundred Dilute refined pharmacist
Chapter one hundred Dilute refined pharmacist
Fu Chen was carried and thrown into a semi-ordinary place at the moment. He didn’t feel safe at all. The air knife generally scraped from his face and filled the middle of his nose and mouth, but his opinion of Song Qingdan rose to a higher level.
This guy is not only a practicing pharmacist, but also a master of uniting the true qi, Fu Chen. After being strengthened by the ancient compass, if the other person is a local teacher, he can’t escape his eyes. I can’t see through this dead old guy. Is he a Tianyuan master?
At this time, Song Qingdan’s strange eyes looked at Fu Chen again. He continued to look at Fu Chen and sighed, it’s incredible that the world is so good. This is my research project.
In the middle school, Fu Chen, dragged by Song Qingdan, barely carried the true qi. When he heard that this dead old guy was going to test himself, he immediately got goose bumps, but he remembered that his father was still alive and dead at the moment. He argued that Mr. Song didn’t know that my father was hurt.
Song Qingdan took Fu Chen on the roof of Zhongyuan City and scowled quickly. After a while, you told me your father’s symptoms this time.
Smell speech Fu Chen put Fu Junzhan after eating Song Qingdan Dan medicine, the symptoms of severe pumping and foaming at the mouth were carefully said.
Song Qingdan’s face suddenly became dignified. After a while, he said heavily that your father’s injuries were even a glimmer of hope.
Song Qingdan closed his eyes in the middle and felt the strong wind brought by pneumatics. After a while, he said that my ability is the way to cure your father.
Fu Chen’s eyes lit up when he heard this. Song Qingdan’s words mean that if he wants to find a refined pharmacist who is higher than his level, he may cure his father’s injury.