Gao Fei’s flowering age is not much different. His cultivation qualification is not lower than that of flowering, and he is also a Taiyuan.
Goofy plus nine-order qi Wu Bo joined hands and was killed by his own move. Is the flowering period stronger than the two of them combined?
Fu Chengen does not believe that the flowering strength can be stronger than that of Gao Fei and Wu Bo.
Take 10,000 steps back, that is, the flowering period is really strong. Fu Chen still has 15,000 volts of ultra-high voltage. Can he withstand it?
What’s more, Fu Chen has recently studied a new set of martial arts photoelasticity. Although it has not been practiced, Fu Chen is confident of the success of this move, and he believes that this is a very great reform.
The three-year race ratio is a very important opportunity for other families, and it must not be sloppy, but it is not interesting for Fu Chen who has so many cards.
It’s just a formality for Fu Chen to participate in this grand race competition. It’s no big deal, isn’t it? I was a loser before, but today I’ll take the first place for those who look down on me.
After today, the Fu family is still the largest family in the Empire, and no one can change the fact. If I want Fu Chen, I can’t even think about the Fu family one day.
Since race is a very simple thing for him, Fu Chen will rest assured and dare to sleep in his sleep.
This time, he didn’t sleep like Fu Haotian, but slept soundly. He even dreamed that his true qi had been promoted to the ninth order, and Xiao You realized that she was betting on Fu Chen in Qiaowan Mountain to do it according to Fu Chen’s dirty requirements when she suddenly heard a sigh.
And this sigh was made by none other than Fu Chen, who was afraid of people, gods and warriors Fu Haotian.
Fu Chen a tingle sat up.
Crying in my heart, oh, my God, why is Grandpa here?
Only after a pause did I realize that it was a dream.
But what grandpa’s sigh sounds like it’s true
At this time, I feel very quiet around the bedroom. At this time every morning, the maid will come to wait on myself, but she hasn’t come yet.
Fu chenjin tossed his head and tried to throw away those nasty things in his dream. He rubbed his eyes, picked up the clothes hanger casually, put them on, walked to the door and creaked. A door suddenly hit him.
Mei sunshine shoots into the room and shines on Fu Chen’s eyes. However, the dim eyes are actually seeing a person standing in front of the door early in the morning.
Fu Chen you see immediately scared in a cold sweat.
It’s really grandpa
What is he doing here? What is he doing in front of the door when he doesn’t go running and exercise in the morning?
Fu Chen saw Fu Haotian wearing tailor-made new clothes and remembered that Grandpa said two days ago that he was old. The dark call would not be to force me to go on a blind date, would it?
Fu Haotian waited at the door for more than half an hour, but he didn’t see Fu Chen. When he woke up, his face was already livid. Today, the family didn’t dare to disturb Fu Chen’s rest at the door.
At this time, Fu Chen finally woke up. He really wanted to teach this little bastard a lesson and let him know what day it is today.
Ten thousand empires are excited and crazy about the grand race today, but this little bastard sleeps better than anyone else, and his eyes are not rich.
He hasn’t taken my old bones seriously when he has kept me waiting outside for so long.
I’m really angry.
Fu Haotian was pricked up by Fu Chen’s white silver whiskers and wanted to smoke Fu Chen hard now.
But today, the contestants are Fu Chen, and the future death of the Fu family depends on this little bastard, but Fu Haotian’s heart is so angry that Fu Chen can’t be in a bad mood at this time, that is, Fu Chen is poking a hole in the sky today, and Fu Haotian has to praise him for poking a good son, poking a wonderful son and croaking.