Ah, Zheng Jie’s face is ferocious and crazy.
Then, when he was dying, he gave him a final blow with a wave of his hand.
A huge bloody palm print tore long with Zheng Jie, the third master of Lin Heng family, and the last idea palm print instantly shuttled through several meters, directly hitting Yuan Yeshen in the half, and he heard it as if it were a steel strike.
Yuan Ye was knocked down by this palm and at the same time Zheng Jie had disappeared completely, even leaving no bones.
Whew, that’s terrible
Theory is Wu Xin or Yan Hao at this time, both of them are constantly sweating in their hearts to be chased by the dead, even killing Ning Ruoxue in a row. Zheng Jie, the two masters, killed Ning Ruoxue, but Zheng Jie is the strongest of these four people. He was still killed today.
Hum, I said I’d kill me. Even if I can’t pull your department to be buried, I’ll kill three. I’ve earned enough. Yuan Ye’s cold eyes look at Wu Xinyanhao. Now I’ll pull one of you to die together.
Call Wu Xinchang and breathe a sigh of relief. Your name is Yuan Ye, right? Yuan Ye, we have been practicing Taoism for many years. You are still a few pounds and two. You can’t hide it from us, that is, you killed the second elder. But it seems to us that you have nothing to do. Now you say that you will die and you will not be able to pull us together. We will not kill you this time, but we will become friends in the future. Now it’s frozen and big, and it’s just the three of us, and it’s also the three of us.
Hum, that’s ridiculous. When you killed me, you didn’t ask me about it indiscriminately. Now I’m going to drag you along with me, but you still want me to be really overbearing before my soul can shine. Yuan Ye sneered, and then there was little strength in that trembling arm stroking the ring. When the ring lit up, the soul could directly appear in his own hands.
I’m afraid that in the future, the law promised this soul to the elder, but it’s wishful thinking for Yuan Ye to speak suddenly, because his face became strange before the soul could instantly drop blood to recognize the Lord. Ji Chang also said that after the soul could drop blood to recognize the Lord, it would be possible to cultivate the respect for the Tao, but Yuan Ye never dropped blood to recognize the Lord and directly entered the ring. Today, the soul can recognize the Lord. This is not the key point. The key point is that at the moment when the soul can recognize the Lord, it has never had a head, no tail, and the wild seven spirits actually touched.
Going against the snow, the first part of the magic sword method Yuan Ye has been practicing Dacheng for a long time, but the second part of the wild seven’ o has not been the slightest induction. Now, in the moment when the soul can drop blood to recognize the Lord, the formula of the wild seven’ o first’ o achievement method instantly appears in his mind.
The first spirit of the wild seven is the golden spirit, also known as the invincible spirit.
With the achievement method appearing in my mind, Yuan Ye’s expression is also in great excitement. Every spirit is extremely powerful. It can be said that this spirit is to strengthen its power by respecting the territory. Every attack power of respecting the territory is twice as strong as that of Chang Zun’s territory, and it is even stronger by practicing the magic sword method.
Compared with this Zheng Jie Zun Jing Arrow, he cultivated the wild seven’ o, so his Zun Jing Arrow is still a Zun Jing Arrow, but its power is twice as high. What is the concept? Yuan Ye can block the arrow with his sword, and now he can raise his hand. The arrow has already shot him through the power root, which is not the same class. It is also the same as the cultivation of wild seven’ o, and the power has doubled. This is for ordinary people, like Yuan Ye, who has sealed the magic sword method, and practiced against the sky and snow, so it is not the fusion of wild seven’ o and the first
Going against the sky and snow is not a loss. Going against the sky says that this is definitely a weapon for leapfrog challenges.
However, all this can only be so powerful after practicing, and the minimum strength requirement is Tao Zun. Now Yuan Ye is obviously not far from Tao Zun.
His breath seems to have increased a lot. Seeing Yuan Ye’s soul can drop blood, Wu Xinyanhao’s face is extremely ugly, especially when he feels that the momentum of the other party has increased again. After a few minutes, their expressions are even more strange.
This soul can, however, be more than just a drop of blood. I will learn from the ten attributes and respect dzogchen Peak to the peak. Today, if I don’t die, he will become the first in this frozen big six. Even if the frozen big six invades my mysterious world, I won’t be afraid of Yuan Ye’s lofty sentiments at this time.
What should I do? Yan Hao looked at Wu Xin. At this time, both of them hesitated. When Yuan Ye’s strength didn’t rise, they thought that the other party would, of course, come before the other party’s soul. Now it seems that the other party will definitely not be able to, but in the face of a stronger enemy, neither of them knows what to do.
Now Yuan Ye, they know that they are in a hurry, and maybe they can really kill another person to be buried with them.
We’ve reached the hostile state, so don’t you kill us now? Don’t you kill us when his injury recovers? Our family’s top ten bodyguards are all dead now, and they have all become stepping stones to his strength progress before he dies. I’m afraid it’s because he is too timid to fight to the death that he has given him a chance to grow up. Such things must never be reborn in the two of us. Wu Xin looks at Yuan Yewan, a beast about to explode.
Good also three elders main YanHao direct way
Wu Xin took a deep look at Yan Hao and finally threw his sleeve and rushed directly to Yuan Ye Yuan Ye. You have been seriously injured, and your strength is almost exhausted. Even if you are powerful, you can kill me today. If you can fight back before you die, you can also slay me. That’s your business.
Hum idiot, if you want to fight me, I’ll fight you? Yuan Ye smiled coldly and turned away without fighting. Wu Xin Yan Hao wanted to kill him so that he wouldn’t die. Now he lives in a state of scarcity, and even Ji Chang, a top-level player, will bring him a great treasure. When Yuan Ye finishes his letter, he will break through the realm of Tao Zun and reach a higher level.
Damn it, don’t run away from us.
Although the anger in the heart can be acted upon, Wu Xinyanhao rushed in without any hesitation. After Yuan Ye was injured, it was a little slower than Wu Xinyanhao’s. Today, the strength has improved a lot. After that, it will be made up for it again, which is faster than Yuan Ye’s now. The three of them are getting farther and farther.
Wu Xin, Yan Hao, just because you want to chase me, Zheng Jie can’t shoot an arrow in your roots. I can’t tell you haha, I will visit you someday if I don’t die today. Today, I reported that I killed Yuan Ye, a thousand miles away, and I heard from two elders who came after me one after another.
Bastard Wu Xin gnashed his teeth and Yan Hao’s face was ugly. They knew that they had missed the best opportunity to kill each other. Now, I’m afraid it will be difficult to find a good opportunity to kill them again in a threesome.
You open the road and honour the level of strength, stand at the peak of strength, and run away blindly, but you can still have any strong dignity. Stop World War I, and Yan Hao roared at the back.