Then his claws were sharp and pointed at No.7, and he kept tearing and scratching. In the tragic cry of No.7, he grabbed his face and flew, and then he fell to the ground and died
Withdraw suddenly from the thatched cottage. This reprimanded angrily to No.2 and No.9, and quickly evacuated, leaving no.7 body and no.4 clothes outside the door.
How can chasing Tang Xiaoqian make the other party escape when chasing?
Guo Xiaosi No.2 was shot several times in World War I, but he honed his experience in refining the realm of gasification gods. Although he has played against many masters of gasification gods in the human world, it is a pity that he relied on his own magic weapon or spirit beast to cooperate. After practicing Guo Xiaosi for so long, the importance of experience is also white. After always letting his magic weapon or spirit beast help, he will definitely suffer a big loss when he meets a strong enemy.
Guo Xiaosi followed closely behind Tang Xiaoqian and Li, followed by Black Dressing Immortal, and a moment later, Black Dressing Immortal No.2 and No.9 jumped into a temple in front of him. This temple was hidden in the mountains, and it would not have been found here if it hadn’t been for chasing Black Dressing Immortal.
Guo Xiaosi three people came to the temple and looked at it carefully and found that the temple had a hint of brilliance, and it was also forbidden.
Go Tang Xiaoqian low command immediately with Guo Xiaosi lee into the temple is not afraid of the other side what tricks Guo Xiaosi although some worry about hiding the enemy ambush, but think of yourself still have three spirit beast even spell but escape.
Entering the temple, Guo Xiaosi three people felt that the temple was full of gloomy smell, and the wind blew into the temple from nowhere with a little chill.
Be careful. This temple is weird. Tang Xiaoqian looked at the temple and couldn’t help but wake up. Guo Xiaosi Li also felt that this temple was full of weirdness. He couldn’t help but cheer up and be careful.
Why is it so heavy here? Guo Xiaosi mumbles that the spiritual world is full of aura and rarely full of yin, but this temple is full of yin.
Haha, the harsh smile suddenly turned out to be black-clad cultivation of immortals again in front of Guo Xiaosi three people, but this temple seems to be black-clad cultivation of immortals and settled by his side. In addition to the completion of No.2 and No.7, there are five more cultivation of immortals, and their strength is not weak. You don’t take the hell gate, you come to hum and you go to hell.
Death word bite a thunder towards Guo Xiaosi three people, and the surrounding gas seems to be infected by violent thunder. It seems that all the people are shaking. Lei Xiuxian’s eyes are full of malice next to the previous black dress to cultivate immortality. Seeing that Guo Xiaosi three people are in a hurry, they can’t help laughing.
Yi Xiao-Qian Tang jiao to drink a push to start a spiritual force. She felt that this thunder was fierce and dare not careless, but she saw that Xiao-Qian Tang suddenly turned around and guided the thunder to dare to meet this huge thunder hard.
Hum, I gave it back to you, but I saw that Tang Xiaoqian gave a fierce push and was brought up by Tang Xiaoqian. He turned a corner and threw it at Guo Xiaosi andao. I didn’t expect Reiki to fight back like this.
Hum Lei Xiuxian with a snort of cold. Wave a strong thunder again and run towards the thunder coming at him, but listen to a scratching thunder. Two thunders collide with each other and dissipate. It’s really nice for this Xiuxian to look at Tang Xiaoqian and sneer at the demon cousin.
Hey, hey, I’ll come to meet you. Immediately, the cultivate immortal once again has a spiritual power and his hands are printed, and a strong thunder keeps coming out. When this thunder takes shape, the cultivate immortal doesn’t put this thunder in his body. Instead, he greets this thunder in Guo Xiaosi. I’m surprised to see that this thunder is attached to the predecessor of the cultivate immortal body, and the thunderbolt is running towards Tang Xiaoqian.
Tang Xiaoqian’s heart is also a little surprised. It seems to be an understatement. This cultivate immortality thunder will be returned to each other’s hands, but it will also consume a lot of spiritual strength to see each other attacking themselves. Tang Xiaoqian’s look is also dignified. The strength of the other party should be in the ghost realm, and it is also the primary realm of the ghost period. With this cultivate immortality attack, the rest of the cultivate immortals are also killed towards Guo Xiaosi Li.
No.2 took the lead in rushing to Guo Xiaosi, but I also wanted Guo Xiaosi to win or lose. When Guo Xiaosi saw No.2 rushing towards him, he also felt an impulse to think about No.2 World War I. But Guo Xiaosi looked around him and the black-clad immortals knew that this occasion was not a single time. If they didn’t solve these immortals as soon as possible, they wouldn’t be able to walk alive.
Kyubi no Youko Fox, come and make a quick decision. Guo Xiaosi Kyubi no Youko Fox is communicating with Guo Xiaosi. I believe that relying on Kyubi no Youko Fox’s ability can quickly solve these enemies and resist other immortal attacks.
The good master, Kyubi no Youko Fox, quickly promised to sneak in from Guo Xiaosi’s arms, dragons and phoenixes, Yu Pei, and get dragons and phoenixes from Guo Xiaosi, Yu Pei, and then cultivate immortals in the dragons and phoenixes, Yu Pei. Kyubi no Youko Fox cared about the telepathy and touched the dragons and phoenixes, Yu Pei was actually sucked into the dragon and phoenixes’ wek-jin, and he could also practice in it. When Guo Xiaosi threw Wu Peng and Xiao Bai into the dragon and phoenixes’ wek-jin, he also practiced.
Relying on the sapphire sword in his hand, Guo Xiaosi can recognize that No.2 can fight one-on-one without falling off the wind, but it is not enough to add cultivation around him. Guo Xiaosi chose to let Kyubi no Youko fox come from Longfeng Yu Pei in order to stop other cultivation attacks, so that No.2 can definitely defeat No.2 and then let Wu Peng come.
Ha Guo Xiaosi, drinking with one hand, suddenly attacked Zhongqing Jade Sword and killed it toward No.2. With Guo Xiaosi’s attack, Kyubi no Youko fox also jumped from Longfeng Yu Pei, and the strong murder emanated from Kyubi no Youko fox and surrounded Guo Xiaosi to cultivate immortality.
Hum, No.2 saw Guo Xiaosi attack, so he snorted and deceived himself. At the same time, he threw a spell in his hand. This spell immediately turned into a thunderbolt when he was motivated by his spiritual force. At the same time, No.2 jumped to the ground when attacking Guo Xiaosi, and his pike attacked Guo Xiaosi behind the thunder.
Guo Xiaosi saw No.2 throwing thunder with ferocious force. When he wanted to stay coldly, he took a deep breath when the thunder was about to approach him. He also threw a thunder spell and a sapphire sword to wait for No.2 to arrive.
When two thunder collided, generate’s powerful blasting No.2 figure also appeared in the thunder, and the pike broke out in his hand and a white mans turned into a mans attack towards Guo Xiaosi.
Guo Xiaosi sensed that the sapphire sword in the hands of Li Mang was also a burst of green light in generate, but it was firm but gentle. Now Guo Xiaosi doesn’t have so much mind’s eye. He is also white in the face of absolute power. All his mind’s eye is empty. He can escape in front of many powerful Gao Jiangxiu. The other party didn’t pay attention to him or really looked down on him, but he really hid and killed himself.
Chapter four hundred and sixteen Kyubi no Youko fox savior
Chapter four hundred and sixteen Kyubi no Youko fox savior
At first glance, the sword light is Guo Xiaosi suddenly waving a sapphire sword to launch an attack against No.2.
The sapphire sword sends out a firm but gentle shock wave, which passes through and collides with each other in the past, and then rushes to No.2 hidden behind the thunder.
No.2 suddenly heard before ringing one leng, but saw a green firm but gentle running towards himself, and a powerful firm but gentle made No.2 quickly guard against the gun.