I know I ha ha smiled.
At this time, a small group of werewolf soldiers patrolled by and saw the pig king. He hurriedly bowed to the side of the road and the pig king nodded until we passed before the werewolf soldiers moved on.
Chapter DiYiLiuSi Selling as a Wolf Inn
I think they still respect you. I patted the king of pigs. You are not as inferior as I thought.
Then I’m sure the pig king will wipe his sweat. No matter what, I’m also the king. I still have to do enough superficial work
After hearing you say that, I don’t think the orc country seems to be very stable, I thought, am I right?
Yeah, yeah, it’s getting dark. Let’s find an inn in the small town ahead, said Wang Wu, the pig.
Why don’t you stay at the post office? I wonder if you are a pig, but at least you are a king.
I came at once. Besides the soldiers don’t know me, I also want to take the opportunity to observe the people’s feelings. You can accompany me when you wipe your sweat.
Ok, ok, ok, I really can’t stand it, but please don’t worry about traveling with the pigs for a while. It’s not very happy.
I’m a pig Terran, not a pig king. I quickly defended myself.
Almost. Haha
This werewolf town should be regarded as a relatively large border, and even the people in the city are already ready to go home at the stalls. Men are also carrying hoes from the fields to drive the old people home, sitting in the courtyard, smoking cigarettes on the stump, and women are shouting at the small alley in front of the door that their children are going home for dinner. The sunset is slanting in this prosperous town and watching a warm feeling.
It seems that your orc life seems that there is not much difference between us terrans. I am interested in looking at exotic customs.
Nonsense, we orcs are similar to you in life, but you are autocratic monarchies and we are just tribal alliances. The pig king gave me a bad look. Maybe we will still.
Yes, I came to see all your soldiers dressed up. Do you live in caves and chase goats around with stone axes in your hands?
The pig king rolled his eyes in anger. Many of our races have already planted agricultural products, okay? If our land conditions don’t allow you, we will fight to plunder you.
Your land doesn’t look bad either. I pointed to the corn field in the distance. Look at a lot of corn over there.
Come on, pig king, be sad because werewolves are the most populous race. They have more cultivated land in their territory, but in fact, their cultivated land accounts for only 15% of the tribal land area. The proportion of cultivated land in our country accounts for 10%. Everyone is tight.
Ok, ok, I understand your difficulties. Don’t I give you 1 million stones of grain every year? I shrugged my shoulders. Don’t tell me it’s not enough.
It’s really not enough, said the pig king with a wry smile. Our population is growing rapidly. In fact, war can also help us control population growth.
You pervert, I can’t help but give you a dirty look when you fight to control population growth.
Me, too. King Nai Pig sighed. Several ministers were all belligerent. They decided that I was not free to refuse.
Your dynasty is really unstable. I sighed, too. We passed two inns. Can you live there or not?
Uh, I’m sorry. The pig king scratched his head and said that if he was too involved, he would forget to stay at the wolf inn in front.
Selling as a wolf inn, I wipe my sweat. The name is unique enough.
The wolf came to the inn, and it looks like the scale is still relatively large. We just jumped on the horse and went to the store. The guy took our horse away. Looking at the guy, he looked at our horse with his tongue tied outside his mouth. I was really worried that they would eat the horse as soon as he turned around.
Inside, the enthusiastic shopkeeper is actually a stout bear, with a full height of more than three meters. It’s really impressive to bow to us. Do the two guests want to eat casually or stay in the hotel?