There is a table full of food on the table, but Feng Ling still hasn’t touched it. She puts a few plates of weird food in her hand on another table, and turns her face slightly. Princess, since these foods are not to your taste, you might as well try cooking too much. To be honest, this is my first time to cook, and I never thought I would cook for a day. I hope the princess can watch Feng Ling work hard and taste a few mouthfuls so as not to make herself hungry, or give Feng Ling an evaluation of a skill.
Open a country too unexpectedly pro-chef Ye Shuiyao finally took a look at Fengling, but the overflowing words are still going.
Fengling smiled and froze in her face. She sighed silently and said, I have put all the food here. I hope the princess won’t starve herself. It’s just that there may be many people on our wedding day. I know the princess is not busy, and I will ask them to hurry as soon as possible.
Fengling didn’t do much to stop, walk away and step on the threshold. At that moment, he shook his head and smiled and silently asked himself what she was doing. No matter how cold she faced herself, she became angry with her. Instead, she became more and more obsessed. Is she my nemesis?
He believes in his position, temperament, manners and talent, and is considerate and gentle. He can impress a woman, but he doesn’t let Ye Shuiyao look at him more. He has made a gesture of almost pleasing Ye Shuiyao. He has been thinking hard about what she wants and what can impress her.
Forced? He didn’t want to or loathe to give up.
She is like an iceberg Saussurea involucrata, spotless and proudly blooming.
At this time, Ye Chen has been getting closer and closer to the windy country. The weather is getting colder and the flight speed is faster than Ye Chen’s. She has been holding the condensed snow tightly in her arms, resisting the cold wind.
Okay, stop.
Being a small village, the pupil stopped at the edge of the village with a ruddy face and gasped violently. Flying for more than five hours in a row consumed about half of her strength.
Thank you for your hard work. Let’s take a rest first. Let’s take some heartache and hold the pupil heart around us. Then we can’t help crying and laughing. Looking at the snow in our arms, we can say that the pupil heart flies too smoothly, so that she actually sleeps in the past.
Get up, slacker. If you don’t get up, you won’t have anything to eat. Ye Chen pinched her delicate little nose and said that she was born again in her heart. She has already had many doubts about setting snow and sleeping. He knew long ago that he wouldn’t have any doubts after seeing too much. Every time he went home at Ye’s house, she would go to sleep quickly when she asked for a bed. It was even more exaggerated to sleep in his arms on the way back and forth from Yanlong City, as if she would never get enough sleep.
Chapter 19 Who stops who dies
Well, Ning Xue was quickly shaken up. She rubbed her eyes with her eyes wide open. Brother, are we here yet?
Not yet. You must be hungry now. What do you want to eat? Ye Chen asked lovingly.
Ning Xue didn’t answer the horse, but asked through sleepiness if we could really get our sister back.
Of course, Ye Chen said with a smile, but it may be dangerous then. Cher should close her eyes and don’t be afraid, you know?
Going to the windy country is a robbery, not a negotiation. The only way for him to go is to be hard. The windy country claims that the contract is a joke in his eyes. When the windy country really dares to attack the Tianlong country, it must first be warned by the South Emperor Sect, and even if the South Emperor Sect is silent, the two countries will fight for it. Then he will never want to be a hero. He wants to protect everyone around him with his own strength. Nothing else is important. At most, he will try his best to resolve it when necessary.
Brother, am I always a drag on my brother, but I don’t want my brother to divide the snow and flatten his mouth. She always knew that sticking to him could not only help him protect him, but also drag him down.
Ye Chen rubbed her little face and pretended to blame. Don’t say such stupid things again, or my brother will be really angry. Do you remember that your brother was long gone without you? Will you never be a drag on me?
Ning Xue didn’t answer. She shrank her body into his arms. The air outside has really turned cold. Only my brother’s arms are the most comfortable and warm in the world.
After a short break, Ye Chen bought a horse in the village and galloped to the west.
After the evening, it is late at night, and then it is early in the morning. Every time he meets a village or town, Ye Chen will change a horse as quickly as possible. He has been wet with dew for a long night, but he still feels that time passes too fast and the horse runs too slowly.
In the morning and after sunset, they are finally getting closer and closer to the windy city. There is not much difference between the windy country in the east and the dry Tianlong country. At noon, Ye Chen was worried, and finally the windy city appeared in his sight. He breathed a sigh of relief.
At the beginning, Fengling arrived at Tianlong City from Tianfengcheng in less than three days with the help of the Chaoyang force, which was shocking, but Ye Chen was really able to shake the world one day and one night, mainly relying on the speed of terror in the pupil.
At this moment, a neighing horse suddenly stumbled forward and threw himself down. Ye Chen quickly picked up the condensed snow and jumped to the ground. He didn’t dare to stay and patted the horse, panting and twitching. He said, Thank you for your hard work. Have a good rest.
Help! Whoops! Brother, help me!
Ye Chen was just about to move on when she suddenly heard a little girl crying for help from her ear. She was soft and delicate. Ye Chen was so worried that she didn’t find anyone beside her just now.
He looked sideways and found a petite figure sitting in the grass beside the road. Because the grass was too high and the girl’s body was too petite, it was almost completely covered by the grass, so it was difficult to find it without attention.