Chapter 769 Initial interest
Look at Xiao Chengqiang, bite by bite, smecta, serious face, sky blue smile and put away all the tablets.
These people are participating in the world-class competition for the first time, and there is no contradiction with the Korean players opposite, but it is precisely because this is a world-class competition that it is even more obvious.
What’s more, China and South Korea have always been the most direct competitors in the lol project, and no one on both sides will be polite to anyone.
"You …" South Korean players certainly know that China’s repetition of "Smecta" is a satire on their faces.
"Let’s talk. You’ve prepared all my gifts."
The atmosphere here is tense, and there is a sound exhibition behind them. They look back and see that a group of Koreans in suits and ties are coming this way, and the team of Korean analysts has arrived.
Gao Xi’ an walked in the first place, and just now he said that besides them, Jin Yushu was far behind.
"What about your garbage analyst? Why isn’t he with you?" Gao Xi’ an looked at the side of China team array and asked.
"Your heart is too much, and I just have a gift for you," Lu Zhan replied coldly.
Gao Xi’ an wanted to say more, but he stopped talking when workers called the Korean players to play in front.
South Korean players went out of the tunnel one by one, while analysts went the other way.
The tall and long-faced two analysts stared at Lu Zhan only to find that Lu Zhan didn’t care about them.
Lu Zhan is talking to Jin Yushu.
"Come on!" Jin Yushu waved a powder fist and said that they had experienced a lot of things together, which was considered friendship.
"Don’t you want to lose if you ask me to cheer?" Lu Zhan asked with a smile
"Uh …" Jin Yushu vomited her tongue, and the team leader and union workers usually kept a serious attitude. There were few such playful moves, and she felt very relaxed when facing the exhibition, and the Koreans had gone out and no one saw them.
"My players have been practicing games as a job since they were young, so they won’t lose so easily," Jin Yushu said.
The competitive environment in South Korea is much more cruel than that in China, and the elimination rate of professional players is very high. They are all constantly training to persist. It can be said that games are no longer a pure hobby but a profession for them.
Lu Zhan learned about these things when he was in Seoul.
"The game won’t last long without its initial interest," Lu Zhan replied with a smile.
Kim Yu-sook listened to Zheng, but no professional player in Korea would say this. They have been honing their roots in OGN for a long time and have no chance to do this. Today, if you treat the game as a game day, you will lose your position in the team. This is the general environment.
"Let’s go!"
Lu Zhan said hello to Jin Yushu and went outside the channel with the players, leaving Jin Yushu alone to ponder.
"Please come out in order!"
The staff should greet them in the order of appearance in strict accordance with the announcement made by the live anchor.
From this point of view, the final is really full of rigorous attitude, which is not comparable to the previous competition
Lu Zhan arranged them in order. The first appearance was single, and then the single ad and auxiliary in the wild.
Lu Zhan looked at Xiao Chengjiang behind and immediately rang his hand outside.
Then came Tian Lan Lu Zhan, who had been waiting for the host to shout "Wind!" Lu Zhan also went out.
I didn’t feel much in the player’s channel. When Lu Zhan came out of the channel, I suddenly felt the enthusiasm on the spot.
This time, the audience of the Zenith Arena was full of six people shouting, which almost lifted the ceiling.
The former overseas students’ array made a scene for a while, but when Korean fans heard the English translation, they also shouted at the overseas students’ array. The two sides seemed to be competing to see who shouted loudly, which had been lively for several minutes.
The appearance of the land exhibition brought the momentum of the overseas students’ array to its climax.
"The so-called fame in World War I is really like this. This star competition has made his popularity reach the level that many players have achieved for several years."
The live commentary is still explaining, but no one listens. Everyone is interested in what hero Lu Zhan will have today.